Healthy Sunlight

Sunlight uplifts our moods. When we get adequate sunshine, we feel happier and more positive. On the other hand, the lack of sunshine can cause us to become sad and depressed. Availablity and deficiency of sunlight are related to hormones like serotonin, and melatonin. The former makes us focused and calm while melatonin helps us sleep. If you want to stay healthy, get adequate sunlight.

How fibre optics help with natural light

We know that natural light is good for us. We’ll break down what makes fibre optics important in that respect. Fibre optic lighting works by using fibre optic technology including the cables and receivers inside the system. It uses this to shine, or transmit, the natural light to other areas. So, because the fibre optic lighting is capturing and transmitting the sunlight between areas, that means we get lots of health natural light.

Other Benefits of Sunlight

Sunlight has benefits like the treatment of premenstrual dysphoric disorder or PMDD. This medical condition can affect women who are in a pre-menstrual phase, and it’s often caused by a hormone fluctuation. It affects 2-5% of all pre-menopausal women. An adequate dose of sunlight also benefits pregnant women who are prone to anxiety attacks and depression. So, we can see that a good dose of sunlight affects us in many ways.

Parans lighting system and why it is good for you and your company

Parans lighting system has over its years of existence successfully brought natural lighting into the indoor environment. It uses the fourth-generation solar lighting systems tap natural sunlight and distributes it in the interiors of a modern building, making the most use out of renewable energy. These systems supplement the light from the windows by lighting inner areas of a room which are further away from the windows. Through this, Parans solar lighting systems allow adequate light distribution throughout large buildings.

Parans solar lighting systems capture sunlight through intelligent modular collectors which are placed on the rooftops of a building. The intelligent collectors are named so for their tendency to follow the sun’s position throughout the day to ensure maximum sunlight tapping. Fibre optic cables are connected to the collectors and they are used to transmit the light beams into the interior of the building. The optic cables lead the captured light beams up to 100 metres through a building with minimal reduction in light quality and intensity.

Inside the building, the light is distributed through lighting fixtures such as spotlights or wall and ceiling lights which spread the light throughout a typical room. The luminaries are relatively small to support innovative architectural designs. The system is able to transmit light up to an outstanding 30 flours down from the rooftop. By maintaining the light intensity and quality throughout this distance, persons in the deeper sections of the buildings get to enjoy the same high-quality lighting as the ones nearer to the rooftop.

Through the Parans lighting systems’ management information system, performance data such as the number of hours the building receives sunlight is captured and monitored to ensure the most optimal performance by the solar lighting system. Parans solar lighting system is ideal for you and your business as it taps from natural renewable sources of energy, cutting on energy costs while conserving the environment.

Vacation Ideas for Top Three Hobbies

Two things help achieve the elusive life and work balance; hobby and a vacation. Have you thought of taking your hobby on holiday? If you haven’t, then its time you do this coming summer. Here are suggestions for the world’s top three hobbies.

Watching TV

Following TV show series and watching movies is the world’s number one hobby. The mystical landscape of New Zealand is a great vocational treat for fantasy film lovers as here is where Lord of the Rings trilogy was shot. For an authentic Tolkien experience, visit the Hobbiton, which is the small town of Matamata.

Another great option is to travel to London, Melbourne or further to Los Angeles or New York City and join studio audience for different TV shows. There are websites that where you can find register for a studio audience session for the next blockbuster or episode of your favourite film.


Reading is the second most favourite hobby, after the TV. Therefore, if you always have a novel and a pencil in by your side, you can make it deeper by taking a trip to Morocco’s Marrakesh. It has a history of storytelling professionals churning out hilarious and moving stories every Thursday from sunset.

You can as well visit the homes of famous authors such as Edgar Allan Poe House and Museum in Baltimore or the Florida Keys for a peep into Hemingway’s house.


A visit to the Replay Museum in Florida provides a great way of turning your love for gaming into an ultimate adventure. It has several arcade games for the past half decades and the world’s largest pinball machines. You can also deepen your casino experience by taking a trip to the world’s top casinos where deposit bonuses earn you real instant cash.


Even if your hobby is not one of the most common ones because it is a skill or art such as music, food, drawing among others, you can still find a destination for it. Even more, it does not have to be costly.

Helping Others by Becoming a Coach

Becoming a coach entails assisting other people to develop and achieve personal success. You can also teach new skills and how to manage personal challenges. You become a conduit through which people attain their dreams and goals. Coaching does not require training, but certification will boost your credibility. There are a variety of coaching niches.

Life Coach

Life coaching involves guiding a person to make choices leading to a balanced and fulfilling life. Individuals seeking to live better lives require the support of a life coach to achieve their dreams. Life coaches challenge their clients to become the best version of themselves by maximising their potential. It is a reflective process, not a directive.

Relationship Coach

Living in harmony with others and building strong bonds brings joy. A relationship coach attempts to find common ground in conflicts and resolve relationship issues. They seek to address effective communication and stress management. Couples or business partners trying to build healthy relationships require a coach.

Poker Coach

A poker coach analyses a players hands and gives feedback on areas of improvement to increase wins. Poker being a game of knowledge requires a player to think and avoid amateur mistakes. A coach helps a player to outsmart their opponents. You can find a professional poker coach at Review Poker.

Wellness Coach

A wellness coach can be a fitness trainer or a health professional. The concept of a wellness coach is to offer guidance on developing a vision for their health and healthy habits. The coach points out the client’s unhealthy and self-destructive behaviours. They teach healthy foods to eat and various exercises. It also involves helping clients deal with stress management, and prioritise self-care.

Career Coach

Coaching focuses on individuals career concerns by determining their capabilities. They assist individuals in taking action to accomplish career goals. The coach ensures a person finds a balance between their work and personal development.

Coaching is about helping a client discover answers from within rather than advising. They challenge their clients to seek more from life.

Live Well and Love Life

Life is for living, so the old saying goes. And if something’s worth doing, it’s worth doing well. Here are some oh-so-simple and pleasurable ways to leading a better life.

Don’t sweat the small stuff has always been good advice. If you find yourself worrying endlessly over a problem, remind yourself of the hours you’ve spent in the past focussing on something that turned out not to be important in the end. Ask yourself whether your current situation will still be of concern in six months, a year or five years time. No? Then why worry about it now?

Eat well, but don’t obsess over the latest diet fad. One doctor recently made headlines by saying that people were so concerned about obesity that they were becoming malnourished. Savour your food and award yourself the occasional treat too.

Make sure you get as much quality sleep as possible. Wind down properly before bed-time by switching off TV and social media at least an hour before you plan to go to bed. The blue light emitted by screens makes you more wakeful. Have a relaxing bath with your favourite scented oil in it. Once in bed, try a simple visualisation process that starts with your toes relaxing, then slowly moves up your body to the top of your head.

Have fun! Don’t hang out with people or situations that make you feel gloomy. Laughing is beneficial to health. Do things that you enjoy, whatever they may be. Playing games with family and friends, walking in the great outdoors, spending time on your favourite hobby. Enjoy life!