Can you study abroad to be a nurse and/or doctor?

There are lots of great opportunities to study abroad for nursing and for medicine courses if you are thinking of becoming a doctor. It has never been a better time to research the opportunities with so much information online and details and reviews of study programs. Many courses are in English although you may also […]

Becoming a Doctor

To become a doctor, you must first attend university to study medicine. The course is usually either five or six years long, and includes a mix of both theoretical and practical components.

Entry to medical school is fierce, and there are many applicants for each place.To apply for a place, prospective doctors must ensure they […]

Working in Pharmaceuticals

Many people picture a white-coated scientist in a lab when they think of the pharmaceutical industry. However, the researching, developing, making and marketing of new medical treatments covers a much wider range of jobs.

The key areas are:

Research & Development Clinical trials Production, manufacture & operations Quality assurance & quality control Sales […]

Reasons Why Poker Is Good For You

Poker has been seen as a great way to improve logical skills. In poker you can not make assumptions, you must apply logical thinking to work out what cards the opponent has. From making a good logical judgement, a player can use the information to make important decisions with more confidence.

Secondly, poker teaches […]

How Can You Achieve Financial Security with Just A Few Changes?

Financial security is what everybody strives for. Whether you’re an employee or you’re running your own business, at the end of the day, your goal is to achieve stability and feel safe. You can only enjoy living your life when you’re comfortable with your finances. That’s when you’ll allow yourself to really detach from your […]