Helping Others by Becoming a Coach

Becoming a coach entails assisting other people to develop and achieve personal success. You can also teach new skills and how to manage personal challenges. You become a conduit through which people attain their dreams and goals. Coaching does not require training, but certification will boost your credibility. There are a variety of coaching niches.


Can you study abroad to be a nurse and/or doctor?

There are lots of great opportunities to study abroad for nursing and for medicine courses if you are thinking of becoming a doctor. It has never been a better time to research the opportunities with so much information online and details and reviews of study programs. Many courses are in English although you may also […]

Becoming a Doctor

To become a doctor, you must first attend university to study medicine. The course is usually either five or six years long, and includes a mix of both theoretical and practical components.

Entry to medical school is fierce, and there are many applicants for each place.To apply for a place, prospective doctors must ensure they […]

Working in Pharmaceuticals

Many people picture a white-coated scientist in a lab when they think of the pharmaceutical industry. However, the researching, developing, making and marketing of new medical treatments covers a much wider range of jobs.

The key areas are:

Research & Development Clinical trials Production, manufacture & operations Quality assurance & quality control Sales […]