Do diet pills that work exist?

With a plethora of diet pills, potions and elixirs on the market, it’s easy to be taken in by some of the claims, but do any of them actually work? There are a range of products out there, some of which can be bought over the counter or at a herbalist, and some can be prescribed by doctors in some cases.

Tested Remedies

Of some of the remedies that have had scientific reviews and demonstrate the most success, the following have had the best results and can be purchased over the counter.


found in the elephant yam roots and also known as konjac this gel-type substance is water absorbent and promotes a full feeling which helps to reduce food intake, and also helps with good bacteria in the intestine. Results have been positive combined with a healthy diet.

Fat Binder

Another product that has been shown to have good results taken consistently are pills called fat binders. These reputedly control or reduce weight by lessening the appetite and thus reducing calorie intake. Fat binders can be bought over the counter in chemists.

There are many other diet pills but the results are ambiguous or non-conclusive, however, the two mentioned above have some of the best proven results combined with diet and exercise. As with all pills they should only be purchased from a known and reputable source to ensure they come from well established suppliers. Medical advice should always be sought before taking diet pills for people who have any conditions that this may affect, and to make sure it is safe to take them.