Healthy Sunlight

Sunlight uplifts our moods. When we get adequate sunshine, we feel happier and more positive. On the other hand, the lack of sunshine can cause us to become sad and depressed. Availablity and deficiency of sunlight are related to hormones like serotonin, and melatonin. The former makes us focused and calm while melatonin helps us sleep. If you want to stay healthy, get adequate sunlight.

How fibre optics help with natural light

We know that natural light is good for us. We’ll break down what makes fibre optics important in that respect. Fibre optic lighting works by using fibre optic technology including the cables and receivers inside the system. It uses this to shine, or transmit, the natural light to other areas. So, because the fibre optic lighting is capturing and transmitting the sunlight between areas, that means we get lots of health natural light.

Other Benefits of Sunlight

Sunlight has benefits like the treatment of premenstrual dysphoric disorder or PMDD. This medical condition can affect women who are in a pre-menstrual phase, and it’s often caused by a hormone fluctuation. It affects 2-5% of all pre-menopausal women. An adequate dose of sunlight also benefits pregnant women who are prone to anxiety attacks and depression. So, we can see that a good dose of sunlight affects us in many ways.