How to create a vaccine

There are several ways to make vaccines. However, they have the same goal: to weaken the bacteria without developing any symptoms of infection. Several basic methods are used to make vaccines, which are explained below.

A vaccine is made using the disease-causing bacteria that is safe for children and adults. It aims to weaken or even kill the virus that has weakened the person’s immune system. Once you determine how the bacteria can be modified, you can take the 3-step process. These are explained in brief, but you can obtain detailed information from the enclosed link.


Step 1

This is when you need to generate antigen.

Step 2

Antigen is then isolated from human cultured cells that are used to create it.

Step 3

The vaccine is made by preservatives and stabilisers. These components increase the antigen’s immune response. To learn more about this process, visit this website.

Once you have passed the three steps process, you are ready to proceed with the next stage.

Phase I

During phase I, you need to answer the following questions: Is the vaccine that you are about to make safe and does it work for the immune system? If your answer to any of these questions is no, then you cannot proceed further.

Phase II

If on the other hand, the vaccine has passed the first phase, you are ready to move forward to phase II. This is the stage where your vaccine will be used on people so you will need to find 100 to 1000 participants who are willing to take part in your clinical trial. Remember to get all the participants’ written consent before starting your clinical research.

Phase III

At this final phase, you have determined that your vaccine works and your clinical trial has passed with success. If your vaccine appears to be safe and effective, you can submit the data to scientists and apply for approval from UK government. They will check the data you have provided and make sure the clinical trial’s results are accurate and consistent. You can find out lots more information about how to create vaccines here at