Parans lighting system and why it is good for you and your company

Parans lighting system has over its years of existence successfully brought natural lighting into the indoor environment. It uses the fourth-generation solar lighting systems tap natural sunlight and distributes it in the interiors of a modern building, making the most use out of renewable energy. These systems supplement the light from the windows by lighting inner areas of a room which are further away from the windows. Through this, Parans solar lighting systems allow adequate light distribution throughout large buildings.

Parans solar lighting systems capture sunlight through intelligent modular collectors which are placed on the rooftops of a building. The intelligent collectors are named so for their tendency to follow the sun’s position throughout the day to ensure maximum sunlight tapping. Fibre optic cables are connected to the collectors and they are used to transmit the light beams into the interior of the building. The optic cables lead the captured light beams up to 100 metres through a building with minimal reduction in light quality and intensity.

Inside the building, the light is distributed through lighting fixtures such as spotlights or wall and ceiling lights which spread the light throughout a typical room. The luminaries are relatively small to support innovative architectural designs. The system is able to transmit light up to an outstanding 30 flours down from the rooftop. By maintaining the light intensity and quality throughout this distance, persons in the deeper sections of the buildings get to enjoy the same high-quality lighting as the ones nearer to the rooftop.

Through the Parans lighting systems’ management information system, performance data such as the number of hours the building receives sunlight is captured and monitored to ensure the most optimal performance by the solar lighting system. Parans solar lighting system is ideal for you and your business as it taps from natural renewable sources of energy, cutting on energy costs while conserving the environment.