The benefits of natural sunlight – and how to make use of these indoors!

Do you remember the old Superman comic books, where the eponymous superhero got his superpowers from our Sun? Well you don’t need to be a kryptonian to gain powers from the Sun’s rays! While most of us were taught that plants live on sunlight by using it for photosynthesis, and thus creates the natural world, we weren’t taught the benefits to us humans and what it provides to us!

Sunlight is the catalyst for multiple processes in the human body, and while research is still finding out more of these processes, the ones we know already are important enough for us to make some serious changes towards enjoying more sunlight!

Better skin and bones

It’s been proven that sunlight starts a chain reaction in the body that develops Vitamin D, which is good for both your skin and bones. It’s a fairly rare vitamin to get from food alone, as it’s only contained in oily fish, red meat and eggs, so vegetarians and vegans especially need sunlight exposure!


Sunlight triggers your brain into releasing Serotonin into your bloodstream, which is the “feel good” hormone. This hormone boosts our mood and helps us to focus on tasks and calm down more. In fact, the cause of such a large amount of SAD sufferers, is the low sunlight levels in the winter, which causes good mood to be dampened.

Better sleep

Another benefit of seratonin is that it is used by your pineal gland to create melatonin, which is directly linked to humans getting healthy sleep!

So how can you get more sunlight while also enjoying the shelter of being indoors?

One obvious solution is placing more windows in your home, or eschewing walls in your office for glass partitions to allow light to filter through.

Another one is to purchase a few high-powered SAD lamps and place them in the upper corners of your office floor and remove the halogen bulbs, to create a better light atmosphere for your workers.

Our favourite however is Paranslight, which is a unique technology that creates natural light in your office, by filtering the sunlight down through fiber optic cables into your lighting system!