Top Suppliers of Pharmaceutical Equipment

Hospitals, research facilities, and medicine producers need to have good quality equipment available to carry out the valuable work they do. This includes a variety of pharmaceutical equipment and there are a number of companies to look to for this. Many of these offer their supplies through online stores and other retail channels, with the following being some of the top suppliers around.

Laboratory Equipment


Vanguard offers an extensive range of pharmaceutical machinery and equipment to cover a variety of needs. This varies from freeze driers and pharma ovens to capsule filler, tablet pressing, and medicinal bottle packaging machinery. They supply equipment to some of the top laboratories and pharmaceutical companies around the world and can also undertake servicing of the machinery to keep it working efficiently.


This company was founded in 2008 by a father and son team who are both doctors. Karl and Kristian Tryggvason set up BioLamina to lead the way in the medical field of cell cultures, and the company now manufactures and retails some of the best cell culture reagents needed for research into stem cells and other primary cells. Their online operations offer the chance to purchase reagents and accessories specifically designed for culturing a variety of cell types such as pancreas, kidney, skin, and skeletal muscle. These can be used by medical and laboratory facilities for a range of research work.

Henry Schein

Henry Schein is one of the biggest medical and pharmaceutical suppliers in the world and has almost 200,000 products available for sale. This ranges from laboratory equipment to medical instruments, exam room supplies, and diagnostic equipment. Customers can tap into a network of almost 17,000 Schein team members to source the equipment and supplies they need, with an online store available to browse the products available.

Aaron Equipment Company

Used and reconditioned pharmaceutical supplies can be a more affordable option than buying brand new, and Aaron Equipment Company specializes in this. They offer a wide selection of pharmaceutical process equipment that has been sourced and reconditioned. This includes a variety of machine types, from agitators to centrifuges, mixers, presses, and tanks. Laboratories and pharmaceutical producers in need of good quality equipment at cheaper prices can find much of what they need through Aaron Equipment Company’s online operations.

DMC Industries

DMC Industries offers both new and pre-owned equipment for sale, and customers can choose from individual machines, full production lines, and entire processing facilities. The company’s inventory of pharma equipment is shown on their website and includes cappers, chillers & heaters, laboratory equipment, and tablet & capsule fillers. However, this is only a small selection of the wide variety of equipment types they have available and full details can be viewed on their website or at their Long Island warehouse. If equipment is not readily available, they can also undertake a search through an international network to locate a piece for a customer.

Having the right pharmaceutical equipment available is an essential part of producing medicine and providing care for patients. The companies shown above are some of those that medical facilities and companies can use to find the best equipment.