Vacation Ideas for Top Three Hobbies

Two things help achieve the elusive life and work balance; hobby and a vacation. Have you thought of taking your hobby on holiday? If you haven’t, then its time you do this coming summer. Here are suggestions for the world’s top three hobbies.

Watching TV

Following TV show series and watching movies is the world’s number one hobby. The mystical landscape of New Zealand is a great vocational treat for fantasy film lovers as here is where Lord of the Rings trilogy was shot. For an authentic Tolkien experience, visit the Hobbiton, which is the small town of Matamata.

Another great option is to travel to London, Melbourne or further to Los Angeles or New York City and join studio audience for different TV shows. There are websites that where you can find register for a studio audience session for the next blockbuster or episode of your favourite film.


Reading is the second most favourite hobby, after the TV. Therefore, if you always have a novel and a pencil in by your side, you can make it deeper by taking a trip to Morocco’s Marrakesh. It has a history of storytelling professionals churning out hilarious and moving stories every Thursday from sunset.

You can as well visit the homes of famous authors such as Edgar Allan Poe House and Museum in Baltimore or the Florida Keys for a peep into Hemingway’s house.


A visit to the Replay Museum in Florida provides a great way of turning your love for gaming into an ultimate adventure. It has several arcade games for the past half decades and the world’s largest pinball machines. You can also deepen your casino experience by taking a trip to the world’s top casinos where deposit bonuses earn you real instant cash.


Even if your hobby is not one of the most common ones because it is a skill or art such as music, food, drawing among others, you can still find a destination for it. Even more, it does not have to be costly.